Professional Plant Stylists and Interior Designers

Houseplants aren’t as foolproof as they first seem. Trying to integrate pots and plants with the rest of your home decor while also cultivating strong and healthy plants is a talent. For some, it’s also a lifelong pursuit. That doesn’t mean you can’t get professional help. Some people love the look of houseplants but have limited time to plan, pot, and place plants throughout their living space. Some people are overwhelmed by the idea of knowing where to start with houseplants, while also packing and moving into a new living space. Plant stylists and interior designers are just the professionals you need to jumpstart your houseplants. 

Interior Design Services Offered by Plant Stylists 

Especially if you have some sense of your personal style and know how much time you can commit to plant care and maintenance, then a professional consultation may be all you need. Plant stylists are more common than you may suppose. It’s not just indoor houseplants, either. From universities to local plant stores, it’s often quite easy to find someone who will provide expert guidance on outdoor gardening plants.  

Some interior designers include houseplants as part of their specialty; other professionals focus exclusively on plants. Moreover, the available services from these professionals include a lot more than a quick chat about what is going to work best for your living space. Most plant stylists and designers can offer an inclusive package that takes care of each aspect of houseplant design and installation. This includes finding the plants, potting, delivery, placement, and care tips for each individual plant.  

How Much Do Plant Stylists Cost? 

It really just depends on what you’re looking for. The service package will also determine what the price quote looks like. If you’re just looking for a simple consultation, somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 per hour is to be expected, though you can probably find someone cheaper if they are attached to a university or local gardening community. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive design and installation package from a professional plant stylist and interior designer, it’s not uncommon to see costs of $2,000 or more.  

The Downsides of Hiring a Professional Plant Stylist 

The experience and cost of hiring a professional plant stylist isn’t for everybody. Even people with the means to hire this type of professional designer may prefer to do it themselves. Making your own stylistic choices, discovering which plants do and do not thrive in various spots, and caring for them season after season provide rewards that can’t replicated when delegating to a professional plant stylist. Plus, you don’t have to spend endless hours just trying to figure out what it is you’re supposed to know about plants. Houseplant Finder makes it easy to choose, find, pot, place, and care for your houseplants.  

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