Popular Names for Houseplants

A lot of people have names for their houseplants. It increases the fun and the sense of connection that comes with caring for a houseplant. If you like to talk to your plants or think you may want to give it a try, naming the plant helps a lot. It’s also easier to show off your plants and your creative side to friends and family when you can refer to the plants by a clever name rather than, say, the jade on the corner of the windowsill.  

Naming a houseplant is also a great way to enhance the mental health benefits that come with owning and caring for plants. Some people already pick houseplants for their symbolism and aroma. Without a doubt, they can influence mood. The lavender plant is calming, for example, while the eucalyptus plant is known for rejuvenation and focus. Houseplants can enhance your work and living space, but they are also an excuse to take a moment out of your day for self-care. Naming your plants goes hand-in-hand with these benefits. Find something that speaks to you and will reinforce your reasons for owning and caring for the plant in the first place.  

Find Popular Names for Houseplants 

Any name, common or uncommon, that speaks to you is great. There are no wrong answers. Name it after your favorite (or least favorite) celebrity. Make a pop culture reference. Here are some of our favorite names for houseplants we’ve collected over the years.  

  • Bamboozle 
  • Aloe Vera Wang 
  • Aunt Begonia 
  • ZZ Top 
  • Eddie Money Tree 
  • Sigmund Freud 
  • The Kraken 
  • Jayden Potts (jade) 
  • Jake (the snake plant) 
  • Moses (wandering Jew) 
  • Sonny and Cher 
  • Matzo 
  • Dr. Rooth 

Plain or odd, the houseplant name doesn’t have to come to you right away. Maybe you’d prefer to wait a few weeks or even a couple months to see what growth and personality your new plant shows. Some of our favorite plants took a while to grow on us. Looking for even more ideas? Check out this list of names from Mashable.  

Plant-Themed Baby Names 

Interestingly, there has been a noticeable uptick in plant-themed baby names over the last couple years, especially in the UK but in the US as well. It’s not just Lily and Violet, either. Coral, Jade and Fern are viable choices as well, while staying within the mainstream of baby names.   

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