Houseplant Costs

Houseplants aren’t the most expensive hobby, but they aren’t completely free, either. Knowing what to expect from houseplant costs can help you set a budget and allocate your financial resources. Maybe you’re looking to go the whole nine yards for one particular room. Maybe you have a set number in mind and you’re wondering how to stretch your dollars as much as possible. From individual items to furnishing an entire home, this is our guide to houseplant costs.

You don’t need much to get started. For less than $20 total, you can get your first plant, pot, and potting soil. If your network of friends and family include some houseplant enthusiasts, you can probably get started for free. Houseplants are also a great gift idea. That said, if you want to decorate multiple areas of a new living space; if you want a selection of large, medium, and small houseplants to furnish multiple homes or office spaces, you’ll need to think about a budget for houseplant costs that could range from a hundred dollars to several thousand.

How much does a houseplant cost?

You don’t have to rely on free houseplants to get started. Many popular types of houseplants can be found for $5 or less even for healthy plants from reliable growers. At the same time, growers often pick out the best specimens or plants with unusual color variations as part of their showroom and featured houseplants. These plants may be cultivated closer to their full, mature size to increase their rarity and value. These types of plants are more likely to cost between $15-$45. Some large, slow-growing jades or uniquely cultivated bonsai plants may go for $50-$200. Each grower will have slightly different prices based on availability and local climate. This online forum provides some context of what to expect from houseplant costs based on the exact size and type of plant.

Average Cost of Houseplant Pots

If you buy plain terra cotta pots in bulk at discount prices, you might spend as little as a dollar or two per pot. More likely you’re going to spend at least $10-$50 per pot as an average budget. There is also a high ceiling for these types of costs. Large ceramic pots can cost hundreds of dollars. You could easily spend a couple thousand dollars on a show-stopper ceramic pot on the backyard patio. It’s not uncommon to spend more on the pot than the plant. Learn more about choosing pots for your houseplants.

How much does it cost to care for houseplants?

You can get some really fancy systems with digital soil moisture sensors, self-watering pots, and indoor grow lights, but simple houseplant care practices can be implemented on a budget of $50 or less. If you have a history of back pain or tall windowsills, you might want to splurge on a nicer watering can. If you have hard tap water in your area, you might want to include water filters and/or soil amendments as part of your budget. Before long, you’ll also need to buy potting mix and fertilizer to maintain and repot plants as they grow bigger.

  • Fertilizer or Plant Food ($5-$30)
  • Potting Soil ($5-$15)
  • Soil Meter ($10-$25)
  • Soil Amendments ($5-$15)
  • Watering Can ($5-10)