Choosing Houseplants by Size

Size is among the most important and obvious factors in choosing a houseplant. Narrow windowsills can only accommodate pots of a certain size. A single, small plant for an entire mantle, series of bay windows, or large kitchen or dining room table. That said, choosing houseplants by size is not just about finding a plant that matches the space.

You need to make sure the spot has sufficient space and support for an adequately sized pot. You should also account for the natural growth of the houseplant. Some types of houseplants grow quite quickly, others very slowly. Along with the growth rate, you should know the plant’s growth pattern. For climbing plants with vertical growth, consider leaving some room above the plant. For horizontal growth or downward cascades, make sure the plant won’t obscure other points of interest or have a plan if they eventually become accessible to pets. Learn about miniature, small, medium and large types of houseplants.

Types of Houseplants by Size

There are no set dimensions for small, medium, and large houseplants, but there is some guidance we can provide for popular sizes of various pots and plants. A miniature houseplant is usually in a pot no wider than 3-4 inches and grows no wider than 6 inches in any direction. A small houseplant is usually in a pot no wider than 6 inches across and grows no more than a foot in any direction. A medium houseplant is usually in a pot between 6-18 inches across and typically grows no more than a couple feet out of its pot. A large houseplant is usually in a pot at least 12 inches across and will grow several feet while also boasting a robust base of plants stems. Many types of ferns, palms, and other plants can be small, medium, or large depending on their growth and living conditions.

Choosing houseplants by size also depends on whether you’re trying to decorate a particular space or show off your green thumb. Do you want to find the perfectly sized plant for a particular spot, or do you want to look at a large houseplant and know that you grew and cared for that plant from a small seedling? Find different types of houseplants by size and what to expect when caring for these plants.

Miniature Houseplants

Miniature houseplants are those plants that give off an air of incredulity that they could be so tiny. Things are just cuter when they’re itty-bitty. Rarely do these types of miniature houseplants work as home decorations on their own. Even minimalist decorating schemes may be overboard with a tiny houseplant in a large unadorned space. More likely, these smallest houseplants are part of an ensemble of houseplants and decorative pieces. Learn what species make for popular types of miniature houseplants.

Small Houseplants

Small houseplants are among the most popular in size. They still have some of the cuteness factor of the smallest plants but provide more options for choosing houseplants and plant care requirements. If you love tinkering with decorative plants and pots but have a limited amount of space, small houseplants will still allow you to cultivate a lot of plants. If you’re trying to find something that will fit into a tighter space, there are many types of houseplants that like to stay small. Alternatively, small plants don’t have to stay small. There are reliable ways to know when a houseplant is ready for a larger pot and easy steps to follow for repotting. Find the most popular types of small houseplants.

Medium Houseplants

Not too big, not too small, medium houseplants are a perfect choice for many places throughout the home or office. Nevertheless, it’s important to have some idea of what you’re looking for when choosing a specific type of plant. Medium houseplants can have self-contained growth in a larger pot, or they can have more sprawling growth coming from a more modestly sized pot. Maybe what you’re looking for is a low-maintenance plant with easy care instructions that will fill out the area for decoration without overstepping its bounds. Where you put the plant will also determine the best size. A houseplant that looks quite large and fulsome on a desk or windowsill may look quite small as a floor plant. Learn about the different types of medium houseplants.

Large Houseplants

Large houseplants are a great way to decorate a substantial area of a room with a single, budget-friendly item. Rather than the clutter of a dozen small plants lining a shelf, windowsill, table or desk, large houseplants provide a more minimalist and low-maintenance décor for your living space. There are larger varieties of houseplants and then there are showstopper houseplants. These showstoppers can grow twice as tall as a person. They can have branches several feet long or even individual leaves more than a foot long. Many are foliage plants, though some are also flowering plants. In the middle of a sunroom or the focal point of a sitting room, these showstoppers are actually more like conversation starters. Here are the most common types of large houseplants.