Easy-Care Houseplants

Easy-care houseplants are something that’s very much in the eye of the beholder. These plants are easy to grow and care for in general, but this may include a few different characteristics. Some houseplants thrive on neglect, some houseplants are hard to kill, and some houseplants can grow in a wide range of conditions. Some houseplants exhibit some combination of all three qualities.

Another good characteristic of easy-care houseplants is a clear signal when the plant needs water. Baby toes, for example, have a translucent window at the top that shrivels when it’s time to water. Plants that grow quickly but suffer from being pot-bound may be easy to care for but victims of their own success, if you’re not prepared to repot the plant periodically.

At the same time, there is no such thing as a completely maintenance-free houseplant. Every plant eventually needs some amount of water. Even plants that like more frequent watering are susceptible to root rot if you overdo it. By matching your version of easy-care houseplant with the type of plant, you can maximize the chances of success for a strong, healthy plant.

Easy-Care Houseplants that Thrive on Neglect

For most every type of plant, watering is the most important and delicate part of houseplant care. The most common quality of houseplants that thrive on neglect is that they are very drought-resistant. For the most part, if you find a pot with good drainage and the right light exposure, you’re good to go. That said, all houseplants need some amount of water. Even if you choose a cactus or succulent that likes very arid soil conditions, you will still need to check on these plants at least once a month. Find and learn about our favorite recommendations for houseplants that thrive on neglect.

Easy-Care Houseplants that are Hard to Kill

Some natural plants adapt better than others to indoor living conditions, but there is no houseplant that is completely impervious to neglect, overwatering, and pests. Every plant needs some amount of light and water to survive. In a room with no windows or indoor grow lights, plants will invariably wither and die. What you can find are houseplants that will bounce back quickly if you’re out of town for a couple weeks or if the plant gets watered twice in a row by different family members or office staff. You can also find plants that are more likely to tolerate pots that don’t have good drainage. Find and learn about our favorite recommendations for houseplants that are hard to kill.

Best Houseplants that Grow in Any Conditions

Every houseplant has a natural preference for full-sun windowsills or full-shade spots, but some types of plants have a much wider tolerance for the amount and intensity of the light they receive. For the person who loves to tinker with their home decorations, these houseplants can more reliably endure the stress of being moved around to different places in the home. It doesn’t stop with light exposure, either. Some houseplants have a wider tolerance for how frequently they are watered and how much moisture their soil retains. Some plants are okay growing in acidic or alkaline soil. Some plants are better suited for drafty windows with bigger temperature swings. Find and learn about our favorite recommendations for houseplants that grow in any conditions.

Easy-Care Houseplants with Flowers

Some people like houseplants for the various shapes, tones, and patterns of their foliage. Other people want plants with brightly colored flowers. Some houseplants will flower for only a couple weeks out of the year; other houseplants are ever-blooming with flowers year-round. Best of all, you don’t need to have a green thumb to care for houseplants with flowers. Easy-care houseplants with flowers are widely available at local plant shops, online and from friends and family with a passion for plants. You simply need to know what types of plants to look for. Find and learn about our favorite recommendations for easy-care houseplants with flowers.

Maintenance-Free Houseplants

What if you love houseplants and traveling, but don’t want to worry about a sitter just for your houseplants? There may not be an inherently maintenance-free houseplant, but you can buy and install an automated system that monitors the soil moisture level and provides water to the houseplant as needed. There are also reliable ways to turn a medium-care houseplant into an easy-care houseplant with the right supplies and setup. You may not need a fully automated system to care for your houseplants, but a soil moisture sensor can come in handy to quickly and confidently know whether it’s time to water your plants.